In 6 days it will be five years since my Lila made her entrance into this world. To say it’s been a journey, not just for her but for Curt and I would be an understatement. She has brought out the best in me and at times the worst in me. There’s nothing like motherhood to open your eyes wide to your faults, as well as your best qualities. But I’ve also found reserves of love, strength and resilience I never knew or even imagined existed within me.
Getting to know this little person and to see her learn and grow has been mind-blowing. Every year has brought with it its own milestones and challenges, but four has been an especially brilliant age. My big girl, at four (almost five), is brave, curious, creative and smart. We have our daily ups and downs but I feel like we understand each other now better than we have ever done. It seems that she has opened up her heart, that for a long time has been exclusively devoted to her Daddy on whom she bestows the very fiercest adoration. Now I get my share of the tightest hugs too, and the whispered secrets and declarations of love to the moon and back. And I can’t deny it feels pretty great.┬áMy favorite moments of the day are when we lie beside each other with her head resting on my shoulder while I read aloud a chapter of her book before her bedtime. Together we get lost in the world of Laura and Mary Ingalls and The Little House in the Big Woods.
I have a feeling that five will be even better. I honestly think this will be the case every with every year, and I’m so excited to see the girl she grows into. As a very wise person once said, “The days are long but the years are short”. I’m soaking up every second, and holding the sweet memories close.