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The mythical unicorn has long been a source of enchantment. Solitary, swift and graceful, the unicorn had a single spiraling horn growing from its forehead. Sought by many, the unicorn’s horn was said to have medicinal and magical properties.

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Unicorns Walked Among Us

An extinct giant rhinoceros, sometimes described as a “Siberian unicorn,” lived on the planet much longer than scientists previously thought, new research shows.

A study published Monday in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution says that the shaggy creature once roamed among humans, surviving in Eastern Europe and western Asia until at least 39,000 years ago, around the same time of Neanderthals and early modern humans.
The report’s authors have not responded to a request for comment.
The latest findings used radiocarbon dating and genetic analysis on 23 specimens of the rhinoceros to reveal the life of the mysterious 3.8-ton Elasmotherium sibiricum, which was previously thought to have become extinct about 200,000 years ago.


” Unicorns have appeared in the mythologies of many eastern and western civilizations throughout history. However, it’s difficult to say whether unicorns ever existed beyond our imaginations. It’s important to remember, however, that before explorers like Columbus and Magellan discovered otherwise, there was a time when there was no actual evidence that the world was round. So is it possible that fossil remains of unicorns may eventually be found, giving credence to what is now considered a myth? Is there any scientific evidence that unicorns have ever existed? Here’s what I’ve learned.. “

– Jessica Austin

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